LOCATION: Manchester, KY

PROPERTY OWNER: Big V Properties

ROOF SIZE: 110,000 SF

EXISTING ROOF SYSTEM: Trapezoidal standing seam metal

ACS SOLUTION: General Electric High Solid Silicone, 10Y Spec

roof inspection

Value Over Price

After receiving an initial roof inspection by ACS during the due diligence stage, the team at Big V Properties knew that they would need to address the roof system prior to acquiring a new property in eastern KY. They just didn’t know what the solution would be and how much it would cost. Because other investors were involved, Big V needed multiple proposals to meet their contract requirement. ACS looked at all the options and determined a silicone coating would be the most economical while meeting their waterproofing needs. Two firms offered proposals for this solution and the client chose ACS despite having a slightly higher cost and less warrantable life. The difference? A thorough scope of work and General Electric.

Big V knew the level of professionalism, communication and quality workmanship based on previous projects. This was valued over price and ACS did not disappoint. Despite the delays due to winter weather, ACS completed the project with happy tenants and a happy building owner.

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