LOCATION: Abingdon, VA

PROPERTY OWNER: Commonwealth Assisted Living

ROOF SIZE: 34,000 SF

EXISTING ROOF SYSTEM: 26 gauge R-Panel Metal Roof

ACS SOLUTION: GE High Solid Silicone Coating, 15Y Spec

roof replacement options

Commonwealth Assisted Living at Abingdon is a rehabilition center that services patients throughout SW Virginia. The building has wood joists and an R-panel metal roof that was leaking throughout. Engineers confirmed that recovering the roof with a single ply membrane or metal would not be an option due to the weight. Removing the existing metal and replacing with new was not ideal because of the risks and interruptions to their operations. They had been searching for an option for two years when we were introduced by a general contractor they had worked with out of Bristol, TN following a lunch and learn. ACS presentation highlighted the benefits of GE’s Enduris silicone roof system and a light bulb went on for one of their Project Manager’s.

Following an introduction and inspection to confirm the roof was a candidate, ACS presented a custom color GE Enduris silicone roof system with a 15 year manufacturer labor and material warranty that met the weight restrictions while costing less than half of what removing and replacing the metal roof would have been.

At the end of the project, the tenant received a leak free warrantied roof that was affordable.

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