6 Ways GE High Solid Silicone Roof System bests Membrane

A GE High Solid Silicone roofing system in stormy Nashville.

All commercial roofs are not created equal although the process of getting a new one in place is often equally painful for property owners and managers in Nashville. The loud noise, exponential waste, risky tear offs, high cost and tenant disruption are just the beginning. But what you may not know is that these pains are completely unnecessary now. At least with the GE High Solid Silicone Roof System, what we believe is the greatest breakthrough in roof coating technology in the last 50 years. Here’s why:

Traditional Commercial Roofing Options

What good is a roof if it leaks right? That’s why membrane roofs have been such a popular option as until recently this was the only way to get a leak-free warranty for up to 15 years. Sounds pretty good until you consider that warranty only covers improper installation or failing material. It’s void if there’s ponding on the roof and after the warranty period you may have to tear it off and start all over again.

6 Ways GE High Solid Silicone Roof System bests Membrane

Roof coatings such as the GE High Solid Silicone Roof System offer you a variety of advantages including:

    • Better Warranty – It goes beyond installation and material protection to extend to your pipes, walls, metal coping and HVAC units – anywhere the silicone coating is applied. Once the warranty expires, your roof is simply cleaned and a new layer of silicone applied to renew it. Warranties are offered for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years, all backed 100 percent by GE, the leader in roof coating technology.
    • Lower Cost – Savings of up to 35 percent for a recover and 60 percent for a tear off are common. Cost savings come in labor and materials as the GE High Solid Silicone Roof System can be put down over two layers of existing roof and does not require drilling, screws or glue. No insulation is required either yet it cools the roof 35 percent, same as membrane.
    • Tax Breaks – Your budget gets even more of a break as the cost of coating your roof is fully tax deductible your first year.
    • Less Surprise – It’s been our experience that the only thing certain about a roof tear off is the surprise that comes with it. And it’s these surprises that often bust budgets and create delays that further impact your bottom line. With a silicone coating you avoid this altogether.
    • Less Disruption – You can forget working around nasty smells, loud noises and falling debris and continue your operations with business as usual during installation of a GE High Solid Silicone Roof System.
    • Better for the Environment – The term “High Solid” means that there are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the material. Plus, the system is highly reflective of UV rays to lower your cooling costs and is approved by some of the highest standards in the industry such as Cool Roof Rated Counsel Approved, UL Rated, Miami-Dade County, FM Approved and Title 24 Compliant.

For more information on the GE High Solid Silicone Roof System, contact ACS Commercial Roofing in Nashville today.

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